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corporate travel management
corporate travel services
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Corporate Travel Management

Corporate travel management is a challenge for many businesses globally, with travel expenses often ranking as their second-largest financial concern. Savvy Travel steps in as your dedicated company trip planner, offering solutions to simplify your travel planning and arrangements. Explore tailor-made options for company incentive trips and discover our expertise in providing Muslim-friendly tour packages. Trust Savvy Travel for a streamlined, hassle-free corporate travel experience, elevating your business journeys.

Corporate Travel Compliance Services

At Savvy Travel, we uphold your organisation’s travel guidelines and protocols with precision, delivering tailored corporate travel services. Every detail is meticulously planned to align with your budget, enhance employee satisfaction, and yield insightful reports and analysis.

  • Visa application
  • Airport transportation
  • Airline tickets
  • Hotel booking

Personalised Corporate Travel Services

Every corporate traveller is unique, with distinct needs and desires. We’re your trusted agency for corporate travel, dedicated to delivering exceptional corporate travel services tailored to your preferences. Count on us to provide you with the following:

  • Travel advisor
  • Airline seat preference
  • Airline meal preference
  • Accommodation preference
  • Schedule preference

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Corporate Ticketing

One Stop Connection

Preparation is key when travelling, but if your plans shift unexpectedly, one call to us is all it takes. We’ll swiftly arrange the rescheduling of your hotel, flight, and transportation.

  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Crisis management
  • Travel documentation delivery
  • Change travel date
  • Re-arrange transportation
  • Re-arrange hotel booking
Management and Reporting

Receive a comprehensive evaluation and report on your company’s travel, complete with feedback for future enhancements.

  • Expenditure tracking
  • Report and analysis
  • Feedback
Additional Services We Believe Will Be Value To You
  • Dedicated direct line for high-volume customers
  • Travel insurance
  • Delivery of travel documents
  • Travel vouchers
corporate travel agency
corporate travel agency
travel agency selangor

Say Goodbye to Travel Hassles!

Experience Seamless Corporate Ticketing with Savvy Travel. We handle your journey with care and love from the heart of a travel partner!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your travel agency accommodate last-minute changes or cancellations?

Yes, we have flexible policies and an efficient corporate travel management system in place to handle last-minute changes or cancellations to ensure minimal disruption for our clients.

What are the key benefits of using corporate travel management services?
Corporate travel management services offer benefits such as cost savings through negotiated rates, streamlined booking processes, comprehensive travel policy compliance, and enhanced traveller safety and support.
How does your travel agency handle visa and passport requirements for international travel?
Our corporate travel services include providing guidance on visa and passport requirements, assisting with visa applications, and ensuring travellers have all necessary documentation before departure.

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